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Our concept

With an investment of 14,000 EUR €, you become a shareholder of the company, Investering og Feriebolig A/S, and gain access to the entire catalog of holiday homes in Denmark and Europe. From here, you can sit back and enjoy life and holiday homes with your loved ones. There are no ongoing expenses – we take care of all the administrative work.

Enjoy life by investing

As a shareholder in Investering og Feriebolig A/S, you can access more than 50 holiday homes. You have the freedom to choose how you want to spend your holidays and use the homes. We always strive to buy more than one holiday home in the same area, so you can bring friends and family without having to share a kitchen and bathroom.

We hold two priority rounds every year. Here, shareholders submit their holiday home requests. After the priority round, we open up our booking system. All the remaining weeks can be freely booked by the shareholders.

Seasonal system

How the priority rounds work

We conduct two priority rounds every year where shareholders submit their holiday home requests in priority order for the upcoming season.The more requests you register, the higher the chances of fulfilling your wishes. Investering og Feriebolig A/S distributes the homes among the shareholders after the priority round.


Currently, there are holiday homes in: Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Croatia, and Montenegro.

In the near future, we aim to expand our catalog with holiday homes in Greece, Portugal, and Sweden. As a shareholder, you have influence on which countries and areas we buy holiday homes in. We try to buy holiday homes in the places where there are the most requests from shareholders – primarily in Europe. We also aim to purchase multiple holiday homes in the same area. This way, one can also invite family and friends.


WiFi and streaming

We try to establish internet where possible, but do not guarantee the connection. Investering og Feriebolig A/S does not provide support for internet connection, but if there are issues, we contact the provider for repair. We focus especially on establishing internet in holiday homes located outside the EU, as it is not possible to use EU data from one’s mobile subscription there.

We do not purchase local channels, but we are working on installing Chromecast in all the homes so that one can watch TV/movies via the internet on their mobile or via the internet in the home if available.

What is a Chromecast?

Chromecast is a small USB stick that you plug into the HDMI port on your TV. This allows you to, among other things, stream videos and pictures from your smartphone, computer, or tablet directly to your TV or another screen.

Use of the properties

As a new shareholder, you become a co-owner of all the holiday homes that the company owns. The homes can be rented at a favorable price by our shareholders, their families, and friends. It is our ambition that all shareholders should feel at home in the holiday homes. We appreciate all the feedback we receive and that we can continually improve the holiday experience together.

As a shareholder, you have access to the booking system, which can be accessed via the website. Log in, check availability, and book your next vacation.

It is important for us to maintain a high standard of service and hygiene. Therefore, final cleaning is mandatory for all holiday homes. We keep most homes allergy-friendly, but it is possible to bring a dog in selected holiday homes.

Get an overview of the process

  • You have a dream of buying your own holiday home

  • You research the market, but it is overwhelming and complicated

  • You may see an ad for Investering og Feriebolig A/S on Facebook or Google

  • You land on our website // which is where you are now!

  • You would like to learn more and sign up for our online information meeting

  • You decide to invest

  • You send in a subscription form and immediately gain access to the booking system

  • You become a full shareholder once the investment amount is paid

  • As a shareholder, you have full access to both the prioritization rounds and the booking system.

Frequently asked questions

When and how can you sell your shares?

Sale of your shares

The shares are valued on an ongoing basis based on independent valuations of the property’s value. A price is then set that can be traded – either through Investering og Feriebolig or directly between shareholders. We carry out capital increases 2-3 times a year – shares can be sold in this connection.

If there is a need for a quick sale of the shares, for example in connection with death or other circumstances, the board is authorized to repurchase the shares at the book value.

What kind of return can one expect?

The projected return is 3%, divided into 1.5% in capital appreciation and 1.5% in operating income. Please refer to our return calculation under the Investment tab.

What can you expect in terms of usage of the properties?

There are no limits to how many weeks or properties you can book. In the prioritization round, you can expect to be allocated 1 week per 1,000 shares (corresponding to the minimum investment of 110,000 DKK). After the prioritization round, the booking page opens for free booking. Here, you can book as much as you want.