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Co-own 50
holiday homes

1. Travel more often and cheaper 
2. No ongoing expenses or practical work
3. Become a shareholder from 14,000 EUR €

Something for everyone

Whether you prefer spending your vacation on cultural experiences, beaches, skiing, or a cozy summer cottage trip, there is something for everyone. As a shareholder in Investering og Feriebolig A/S, you have access to a wide selection of holiday homes and have a say in where we purchase new properties.

“We have invested in the properties to try out different vacation destinations in Europe instead of buying a single fixed place for ourselves. So far, we have visited two properties, and both were newly renovated and in good condition.”

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Travel cheaper and
more often

The concept is pretty simple. With 50 holiday homes to choose from, you have a secure base every time you travel. As a shareholder in Investering og Feriebolig, you have no ongoing expenses to worry about. You simply pay a low rent when you use the properties, along with a fee for cleaning and utilities. It’s all about enjoying life.


Holiday homes 
in great areas of Europe

We have ensured good variety in both areas and holiday homes. That way, there is always a good place to travel to, no matter what time of year you go on vacation. The holiday homes come in different sizes and typically accommodate 4-6 people (some, however, can accommodate up to 28).




Nordjylland, Denmark


Malaga, Spain


Costa Blanca, Spain


Enghien-les-Bains, France




Lago Maggiore, Italy

Torri del Benaco

Gardasøen, Italy


Harzen, Germany


Alpes-Maritimes, France


Trentino, Italy
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    How it all works

    Investering og Feriebolig A/S is a concept for those who want to experience and enjoy life. By investing in the company you become a co-owner of 50 holiday homes in both Denmark and Europe, which you can use with family and friends. That way, you get much more vacation for your money and avoid the practical hassle of owning a holiday home – we take care of that.

    Every year, the company holds 2 prioritization rounds. Here, shareholders have the opportunity to make a prioritized wish list for holiday homes and weeks for the upcoming season. After the prioritization round, all remaining weeks can be freely booked in our own booking system.

    There are no ongoing expenses for you as a shareholder. You simply pay a low rent, as well as a fee for cleaning and consumption when you use the vacation homes. 

    The company is continuously acquiring new holiday homes as more shareholders join. As a shareholder, you are involved in deciding where we buy the next ones. In several places in Europe, the price level is still lower than before the financial crisis. Our strategy is to purchase properties at good prices, creating a basis for a reasonable, long-term return.


    Get all the details

    Our investor package includes a prospectus and a subscription form. In the prospectus, you can read everything about Investering og Feriebolig A/S, buying and selling shares, and more.

    If you wish to become a shareholder, simply fill out the subscription form and send it to us at:

    Reviews from shareholders

    – Peter Singleton, shareholder (UK)
    – Mikael Vest, shareholder (DK)
    – Leif Bardino, shareholder (DK)
    – Mia Harrishøj, shareholder (DK)
    – Lauge Borg, shareholder (DK)
    – Klaus Mortensen, shareholder (DK)