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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you can find answers to most of the questions we receive on a daily basis. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Investing – frequently asked questions
How do I become a shareholder?

We hold a capital increase 2-3 times a year, providing you with the opportunity to buy and sell shares in the company. To subscribe to shares in Investering og Feriebolig, you need to download a subscription form, available on our website by navigating to the menu and selecting ‘INVESTING’ > ‘DOWNLOAD SUBSCRIPTION FORM.’

Once you have completed the subscription form, please send it to Following the subscription deadline, we initiate the capital call and provide you with a bank account number to deposit your investment amount into a deposit account with Skov Advokater in Vejle. The lawyer verifies compliance with all capital increase conditions, and upon successful confirmation, the capital increase is executed, making you a co-owner/shareholder.

When and how can I sell my shares?

The shares are valued on an ongoing basis based on independent valuations of the property’s value. A price is then set, which can be traded – either through Investering og Feriebolig A/S or directly between shareholders. We carry out capital increases 2-3 times a year – shares can be sold in this context.

How much return can I expect?

Our budgeted return consists of 3%, comprising 1.5% value appreciation and 1.5% operating results. For detailed information on our return calculation, please refer to the ‘INVESTMENT’ tab.

How much can I expect to use the homes?

There are no restrictions on the number of weeks or properties you can book. During the priority round, you can anticipate an allocation of 1 week per 1,000 shares (equivalent to a minimum investment of DKK 110,000). Following the priority round, the booking page becomes available for free booking, allowing you to make reservations as desired.

Are there any expenses as a shareholder?

No, there are no common expenses or other ongoing costs. You simply pay a cheap seasonal rental price, as well as a fee for cleaning and utilities when you use a holiday home. Easy and straightforward.

Are there loans on the properties?

No, we purchase all holiday homes in cash and they are therefore unencumbered.

Will I receive a certificate of ownership?

Yes, we issue a shareholder register to all new shareholders as a legal proof of the share purchase. Skov Advokater in Vejle reviews and registers all new shareholders at each capital increase.

Booking – frequently asked questions
Where can I find the booking code?

We renew the booking code twice a year. We send an email with the updated code to all shareholders. If you are unsure about the booking code, call us at +45 93 86 92 96 (weekdays from 9am to 3pm) or write to

How do I book a holiday home?

Go to ‘BOOKING‘ in the menu and enter the booking code. You now have access to the booking page where you can see all available holiday homes and make a booking for the current season.

How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking, call us at +45 93 86 92 96 (weekdays from 9am to 3pm) or send an email to

Will I get a refund if I cancel a booking?

If a cancellation is made up to 30 days before the booked period, there is an opportunity for a 50% refund. In the event that another person rents the property, the remaining 50% will also be refunded. However, if the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the booked period, no refund will be provided unless another person rents the property at the same price. Feel free to seek out potential renters among your friends and acquaintances to take over the booking. While we will make the property available on the booking page, it is important to note that we are not responsible for finding a new tenant. Regardless of the cancellation time, a full refund of the cleaning fee will be issued.

Priority rounds – frequently asked questions
How do the priority rounds work?

In each priority round, shareholders submit their holiday home requests in prioritized order for the upcoming season. The more requests you register, the greater the likelihood of having some of them fulfilled. Investering og Feriebolig A/S distributes the homes among the shareholders.

How often do you hold priority rounds?

Every year we hold 2 priority rounds.

Which holiday homes are included in the priority rounds?

As a general rule, all holiday homes owned by the company are included in the priority rounds – unless a holiday home is undergoing renovation or is otherwise unavailable.

About the homes – frequently asked questions 
Who can use the holiday homes?

All shareholders have the right to use all holiday homes. Additionally, shareholders’ family and friends can access the booking site as well.

What should I do if something breaks?

If you accidentally break something, such as a glass or a similar item, please contact us immediately. In most cases, we will simply request you to replace it yourself by purchasing a similar set.

What if something is missing in a holiday home?

If you discover any faults or missing items in the holiday homes, please contact us at

Is WiFi available in the holiday homes?

Not all holiday homes are equipped with internet access. We make efforts to establish internet connectivity where feasible, but in certain locations, it may not be possible. If there is internet available in the home, we are not responsible for its quality. If any issues arise, we will assist in contacting the service provider, but we do not provide technical support.

Are there TV’s in the holiday homes?

All holiday homes are equipped with a newer TV. In most cases, there is Chromecast for streaming. As a general rule, there are no channels available.

Do the holiday homes have washing machines?

Several of the holiday homes are equipped with washing machines. The booking site provides inventory lists* that detail the specific contents of each home.

Are linen and towels provided in the holiday homes?

We strive to include linen and towels in the holiday homes whenever possible. However, it may not be feasible in all homes. Information regarding the availability of linen and towels can be found on the booking site or in the information PDF that we send upon booking.

Where can I find the keys?

The location of the keys for each holiday home, along with instructions on how to access them, is always provided in the information PDF that we send you upon booking.

Are pets allowed in the holiday homes?

Pets are allowed in selected holiday homes. The catalog and booking page clearly indicate which homes allow pets.

Can I smoke in the holiday homes?

No. Smoking is prohibited in all holiday homes. In the event of smoking inside the holiday home, a cleaning surcharge ranging from DKK 1,000-3,000, depending on the size and location of the holiday home, will be applied.

How often are the holiday homes cleaned?

We ensure that all holiday homes are cleaned after each changeover. The cleaning fee is mandatory and is either charged at the time of booking or locally upon departure in certain destinations.

*We are in the process of creating inventories for all holiday homes, where you can see what the homes contain. You can find the inventories on the booking page for each holiday home.

General frequently asked questions
Who started Investering og Feriebolig A/S?

CEO Bjarke Wolmar founded Investering og Feriebolig A/S in November 2020.

Where does the idea come from?

The idea for Investering og Feriebolig A/S originated from the sister company Investering og Studiebolig A/S, which deals with the acquisition and renovation of properties in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense for use by students – as designated by the company’s shareholders.

Who is Investering og Feriebolig A/S aimed at?

Investering og Feriebolig A/S targets anyone who dreams of owning a holiday home. However, as many people know, there are many things to consider. What is the real estate market like? Should you use a lawyer? And what about taxes and maintenance? You can save yourself a lot of trouble with Investering og Feriebolig A/S’s unique concept. You become a co-owner of 50 holiday homes, with more on the way. Whether you prefer a beach holiday on the Spanish southern coast, skiing in South Tyrol, or a cozy summer cottage trip in Denmark is entirely up to you. There is something for everyone.

How does Investering og Feriebolig A/S select new properties?

We primarily acquire holiday homes based on the preferences of our shareholders, as long as they align with our conceptual framework. With extensive experience in real estate transactions across Denmark and Europe, we only invest in properties that make economic sense. Naturally, we take into account our shareholders’ financial situation and their expectations for a reasonable return.

What role does Investering og Feriebolig A/S play beyond property acquisition?

Investering og Feriebolig A/S assumes responsibility for the day-to-day operations and other administrative tasks. For our holiday homes abroad, we have local area managers who assist with cleaning and preparing the properties between visits.

Where can I turn if i have further questions?

You will find answers to most common questions here on the website. If you still have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at +45 93 86 92 96 (weekdays from 9am to 3pm).

For investment-related inquiries, call or email CEO Bjarke Wolmar at +45 29 44 86 16 and