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In our prospectus, you can read all about the company, buying and selling shares. However, if you have any questions about the concept or investment, please feel free to contact us at +45 29 44 86 16.

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It is always possible to order our investor material. The material package includes both our prospectus, a subscription form, and a list of advisors.

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If you want to buy shares, you need a subscription form. Fill out the form and send it to us at:

Budgeted return

The budgeted return of 3% is shown in the table to the right. When investing 1 million DKK in Investment and Holiday Homes A/S, the calculation will be as shown in the table below. If investing 14,800 EUR (100,000 DKK) nominally, the amounts below can simply be divided by 10 to match this amount. In some cases, the properties may be leveraged if it is assessed that rental income can also cover any loan repayments.

  • Gross rental income (7% of DKK 1 million)
  • Operating expenses (including owners’ association fees)
  • Extra maintenance (0.5%)
  • Administration for Investering & Feriebolig A/S (1.5%
  • Local taxes
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Surplus from operations
  • Loan costs
  • Surplus from operations excluding increase in property value
  • Increase in property value (1.5%)

  • Profit including increase in property value

  • Return on invested capital (1 million DKK) %
  • 70.000 / 9.394

  • 25.000 / 3.355
  • 5.000 / 671
  • 15.000 / 2.013
  • 5.000 / 671
  • 5.000 / 671
  • 15.000 / 2.013
  • 0

  • 15.000 / 2.013
  • 15.000 / 2.013

  • 30.000 / 4.026

  • 3,0 %

Explanation of the table above

The rental income of 7% is the budgeted gross rental income relative to the price of the acquired holiday homes. It includes registration fees, financing, settlement, other advisory costs, refurbishment, and furniture. The budget for joint expenses and the owners’ association typically covers expenses related to building insurance, renovation, property management, maintenance, caretaker services, WiFi, and any common areas.

Investering og Feriebolig A/S administration covers the costs of rental and administration. If we acquire a building or detached house, we assume responsibility for its operation, including maintenance and insurance, eliminating expenses for the owners’ association. However, there may be a small cost associated with the homeowners’ association. The value increase is conservatively estimated at 1.5%. If one expects property prices in Southern Europe (including Greece) and selected areas in Central Europe to regain lost value appreciation, the increase in value will be somewhat higher, presenting a significant potential upside. The board manages the ongoing surplus liquidity.