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Orsara Bormida


The holiday home in Orsara Bormida is the perfect vacation spot for wine enthusiasts. The property is located in the charming Italian wine region of Piedmont, where the wines Asti and Barolo originate, and the lush vineyards of the region are a feast for the eyes.

The holiday home in Orsara Bormida is located about a half-hour drive from Alessandria and an hour’s drive from Asti, where there are small, exciting delicatessens with local products and countless delicious restaurants and wine bars. There is also a one-hour drive to the port city of Genoa, which is located on the Ligurian Sea. In late summer and early fall, there are many festive events associated with the grape harvest, making this a particularly lovely time to visit Orsara Bormida and explore the area.

  • Property information
  • Property area

    100 m²

  • Bedrooms


  • Number of guests


  • Bathrooms


  • Price per week

    190 – 685 EUR €

  • Nearest airport