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Seborga, Balkonen

Liguria in Northern Italy.

Seborga is a high-altitude mountain village with atmospheric streets and buildings from the Middle Ages, surrounded by beautiful countryside. If you are looking for an authentic experience of rural Italy, Seborga is the perfect destination.

Located in northwestern Italy, very close to the French border and not far from the Ligurian Sea, there are several exciting experiences to be had in the area. Just 20 minutes away is the beautiful port town of San Remo, and if you fancy a bit of French ambiance, Nice is just an hour’s drive from the accommodation.

The holiday home in Seborga is a small studio apartment located in a completely unique building with plenty of historical charm. The apartment is on the ground floor and has access to a garden with a large covered terrace.

  • Property information
  • Property area

    35 m²

  • Bedrooms


  • Number of guests


  • Bathrooms


  • Price per week

    135 – 525 EUR

  • Nearest airport